Stealthy communications for tactical operations. 


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Mumphone - Hands-free VR headset

Linguistor - Hands-free 2WSTS Interpreter


The problem with the current operational communications:

During assault operations by SWAT or other military personnel, silent communications between each member of the team are extremely crucial to their success. Currently, these forces have to rely on crude hand signals or loud voices to communicate with each other, causing many bad things to happen.

The solution (helmet version):

Our patent-pending device uses Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology to deaden the vocal noise that is emanated when a person talks to a device with a microphone. A Bluetooth transceiver with an amplifier sends and receives signals to and from a mobile phone as well as produce the anti-noise sound wave. It uses a retrofittable chincup to support the rotatable ANC mouthpiece to achieve hands-free operability. The mouthpiece swings up to cover the user's mouth area when in use and is also designed to be detachable from the chincup.

The solution (headset version):

This model uses a headband frame support with a hinge connecting to the mouthpiece to achieve hands-free operability.

And..., after the enemy is vanquished, especially in countries such as Afghanistan, the next focus is to interrogate the prisoners or locals and gather more information about the adversary.

The solution - a language interpreting adapter:

This extremely innovative design enhances the capabilities of the SWATcomm communicator. The adapter essentially converts the noise silencing mouthpiece into a 2-way speech-to-speech language interpretation device. The assembly comprises mainly of a housing having the following components:

1. a loudspeaker to output an amplified translated speech,

2. a microphone to capture the speech of a foreigner,

3. an optional videocam to provide the interpreter with a visual of the environment, and

4: electrical plugs that correspond to jacks located on the front of an expandable type of ANC mouthpiece.




*Patent-pending: USPTO Application # 20120029912




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